Is Constant Worry And Concern Stealing Your Peace Of Mind?

Are you experiencing overwhelming fear that often leads to avoidance? For example, do you find yourself skipping social gatherings or having difficulty making a simple phone call? Have your typical, day-to-day activities become extremely challenging because of a pervading sense of dread?

woman holding head in handsPerhaps you have experienced a life-altering situation like health concerns, a bad ending to a relationship, or job loss. Maybe irritability, panic attacks, and heart palpitations are becoming more commonplace in your life. Even when you try to quiet your mind, focus on a task, or be present in the moment—you still find yourself distracted and overwhelmed by anxious thoughts. 

Anxiety Looks Different For Different People

You may feel isolated and overwhelmed, constantly worrying about the thought of what could go wrong. Or maybe you are genuinely concerned about your pounding heart, excess sweating, and insomnia that have been significantly affecting your daily life. 

Perhaps you are battling financial stress, spiritual and religious conflict, or even an internal conflict that you are unable to cope with on your own.

If you identify with any of these issues, you can rest assured that your peace of mind can be restored. In anxiety therapy, there are boundless opportunities to rid your mind of debilitating, worrisome thoughts and open yourself up to the possibilities of a quiet, present mind and peaceful life. 

Almost Everybody Has Experienced Anxiety At Some Point In Their Life

Anxiety affects everyone to some extent. Maybe you are nervous about flying, or not passing that exam you did not study enough for. It is normal to feel anxious in these situations. 

However, recurring anxiety can fester to the point where it can begin to control lives and sabotage relationships. Oftentimes, people suffering from depression also have a family history of anxiety or are experiencing extreme stressors in the present (like the environment they grew up in). Sometimes people with anxiety and depression often have overlapping symptoms. So the two conditions are closely related.

Society Is Lacking In Mental Health Awareness

Unfortunately, despite how common it is, people are not even aware that their anxiety has been an obstacle in their life because they have been functioning with it for so long. We also live in a world that suffers from a dangerous lack of mental health awareness and education, which prevents many people from seeking treatment for anxiety.

It is difficult to change your fearful perspective on the world or your own life when you have been living and believing that it is the only real perspective. It is even more challenging when those around you encourage that perspective even though it is not healthy.

The part of our brain we use to tell ourselves that we are functioning normally is the same part we use to convince ourselves into thinking that we can work through our problems by ourselves instead of seeking help from trusted friends, family, or an anxiety therapist

The truth is that is not your fault and you deserve to feel relaxed and at peace. At Pinkerton Psychotherapy, we would love to help you get back behind the steering wheel of your life. Counseling provides the perfect opportunity for you to learn to tackle your anxiety head-on and make progressive changes toward a more fulfilling future.

Anxiety Therapy Can Help You Let Go Of Intrusive, Worrisome Thoughts

Discussing anxiety, current stressors and negative emotions associated with the condition is challenging. However, having a therapist by your side provides a safe environment that grants you the opportunity to share your worries, concerns, and thoughts where you can feel comfortable being your authentic self. This is a space where you will not be judged or invalidated. You will be heard, your experience will be normalized and you will be given a chance to understand your anxiety.

Anxiety Therapy Sessions —What To Expect

Once you have committed to therapy sessions you will be asked to fill out an intake form. Typically, we gather information about clients in the initial session. You are encouraged to ask us questions during this session as well. Additionally, we meet with parents for the initial session if a minor is coming to therapy. 

Among our priorities is to meet you where you are in your struggles. To help us do that, we prefer to take a balanced approach to anxiety counseling, using both problem-oriented and solution-oriented healing strategies. That means exploring the roots of your distress and developing insight into yourself and the origins of anxiety. At the same time, we want to take a solution-oriented approach to help you overcome challenges in the present so that you don’t get stuck dwelling on the past for too long.

During sessions, we will teach you certain relaxation techniques, such as diaphragmatic breathing, guided imagery, mindfulness practices, meditation, and body scans to better manage stress.

man sitting on floor resting head in handYou will also learn helpful coping skills to regulate your anxiety symptoms. Additionally, you can leave therapy with greater insight, perspective, and understanding of yourself.

This is an opportunity for you to get to know yourself better and learn positive ways of thinking about situations that lessen anxiety. 

Some Of The Treatment Methods We Use In Anxiety Counseling Sessions 

We tailor our approach to meet the needs of the specific client. That said, we work through a person-centered lens, often incorporating aspects of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), psychodynamic theory, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy(ACT) into our treatment plan for anxiety.  

CBT for anxiety, allows us to explore the disorder itself, understand patterns of unhealthy behaviors, and identify steps we can take toward thinking differently. DBT, on the other hand, is all about mindfulness, grounding techniques, emotional regulation, and coping skills.

ACT helps you observe yourself and achieve your goal of self-acceptance.

In our sessions, clients often need coping skills to help them effectively manage symptoms of anxiety. That is why we will make sure that you develop the necessary coping strategies needed before we will dig into deeper issues to discover the root of the problem and find viable solutions.

For five years as a therapist, I have helped my clients with anxiety learn ways to better manage their symptoms and learn how to communicate and listen to themselves.

It’s now your turn to embrace the possibility of overcoming your anxiety and achieving the peace of mind you have craved for so long. With the guidance of our anxiety therapists at Pinkerton Psychotherapy, you can rid yourself of constant worry and concerns and learn that your anxious thoughts are not reality. You can begin to quiet your thoughts and live the life you were meant to.

Perhaps You Are Considering Anxiety Therapy But Still Have Some Questions…

I have never been in therapy. How does it work?

We are proud of you for taking this step toward a more enjoyable life. Therapy will help you find the best tools to help you be your best self. You are not alone in your journey. Your therapist is there to hold your hand and help you navigate obstacles when you hit a roadblock or feel lost. Therapy is a journey. We will work together as a team to help you meet your goals. 

How do I know if my anxiety is bad enough that I need therapy?

People come to therapy for different reasons. There does not have to be anything wrong for you to engage in self-care. Counseling is a great opportunity to check in on your mental well-being, find solutions for difficult problems, and learn new ways of navigating life. Therapy is also a powerful way to heal old wounds and find sustainable relief from anxiety in all its forms

young adult woman sitting down drinking coffee bwDo you take insurance?

We are a private pay practice, which means we do not accept insurance. However, working with an anxiety counselor isn’t a lifelong investment. We want to help you heal the past and overcome challenges in the here and now as quickly as possible. In the process, it will free up more time, energy, and money for you to live the life you were meant to.

You Can Let Go Of Your Worries And Live A Peaceful Life

If feeling consumed by constant worry and concern is keeping you from being still and enjoying a peaceful life, treatment with Pinkerton Psychotherapy can help you get to the root of your anxiety and provide you with the means to significantly improve your state of mind and quality of life.

If you have further concerns or wish to schedule an appointment, please call us at (713) 800–6999 or contact us to see how our approach to anxiety therapy can help you.

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