Life can be damn hard. It can be scary to venture into unchartered territory of emotional work.

I have experienced my own personal work and growth in my life and can meet you in yours with vulnerability and empathy. I have a huge heart for those affected by emotional trauma. The connection between therapist and client is vital and I consider it a privilege to develop one with you.

Our life experiences can manifest in many ways and those trauma responses can morph into patterns that leave us feeling powerless and lost. We can be driven by unconscious primary emotions that keep us in a triggered and reactive cycle when we are seeking secure and loving connections. You have the ability to change your “go to” responses and build a self-awareness of who you are and why you are that way.

As a constant activist for feeling to heal, my message advocates for resiliency and living a full, loving life. When you are my client, I am your champion. I provide my clients an environment full of trust, commitment and compassion.

I want you to thrive in life and I will ride it out with you to get there. That pain and trauma that you experience in life prevents you from showing up as your authentic self. In therapy we will get to and get through those feelings to recover who you are meant to be.

My love for this work has led me to focus on adults, teens, individuals and couples who are dealing with conflict, sexual issues, trauma, emotional abuse, personality disorders, relationship concerns, shame, infidelity, anxiety, lack of self-worth, depression, divorce, parenting and codependency. Having the courage to navigate through feelings is transformational.

I offer a whole approach to emotional wellness. This can look like coaching to build your vision, holistic work to nurture your soul and somatic techniques for physical healing and resiliency as an added benefit to my clients for a connected mind, body and spirit.

I have a systemic perspective and view therapy from an attachment lens. I enjoy working with people from all backgrounds and incorporate each person’s own values, beliefs, and expertise in their own life. I provide a non-judgmental and safe space to share with a soulful response. I respect the great courage it takes to dig deep into feelings and I honor your experience.

Jennifer Pinkerton (formally Jennifer Bertman Stein) has always been creative and a lover of all life has to offer. Born January 28, 1972 in Houston, TX, she grew up in a small Texas town, Liberty. As a teen later living in Houston, she began to focus on writing and other creative pursuits and has never stopped. Her education spans from University of Houston, the Sorbonne in Paris, France, University of Mississippi, Capella University, and Modern Sex Therapy Institute.

Jennifer is married to Chad Pinkerton, and they have a beautiful blended family of her two children, Jordan and Jade, and his, Peyton and Tate. Both committed to giving back, they formed The Jennifer and Chad Pinkerton Foundation, which provides support and financial assistance to those suffering from alcohol and substance abuse addictions. Her philanthropy continues with her constant involvement with committees and/or the board of numerous charitable organizations and causes.

Jennifer’s hobbies are reading, travel, painting and interior design. Jennifer’s love of writing about the human condition propelled her to write a book detailing her husband’s sobriety journey and to blog about emotional health, relationships, intimacy and social musings on her blog REDHEADREVEAL®. Jennifer is chasing her dreams with her red hair trailing in her wake.

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