By Gwenevere MattiMFT InternSupervised by Paula Boros, PhD, LMFT-S, AAMFT Approved Supervisor

“Parts Work” in mental health describes various therapy techniques, interventions, and styles that all have a shared foundation.

Parts Work is based on recent and ongoing neuroscientific research on the development of our complex personalities. While our personalities and true self is incredibly complex, we can often start to identify parts of ourselves quite easily. The idea of parts can be understood as the different roles you take on in life (student, parent, spouse, partner, friend, employee, employer, etc.), on your interests (musician, athlete, artist, influencer, writer, etc.), or on your unique identities (gender, ethnicity, age, spirituality, cultural, race, etc.).

Therapy can then focus on patterns and behaviors in certain roles that are healthy, vs. patterns and behaviors in other roles that are unhealthy or that you want to change. For example, at Pinkerton Psychotherapy, you might work with a therapist who is trained in the IFS model (Internal Family Systems). This model uses parts work to define our core Self, and the parts that may influence the Self, such as the Manager, the Exile, and the Firefighter. Through understanding and insight into our unique parts, we are able to foster healing, self-compassion, and integration into a healthy and authentic Self. This is a recipe for success in building relationships, managing conflict and adversity, respecting one’s self and others, and so much more!

Stay tuned for more information on this fascinating model of psychotherapy that is helpful for all areas mental health…